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PYOP meets Decoupage!

Not a Detail person… no Problem!

Sooo… anyone who knows me, knows that I am not big on detail painting. I can do it and… I tend to get more creative as I go but I am more of a dipper or dripper when it comes to adding color to things (that’s why pottery is right up my alley).

Thinking about how to decorate this Caption Frame from my Take n Make Ceramic Kits for a demo, I wanted to see how I could put a Fun but... Easy spin on my PYOP piece.

I started with a base coat of acrylic paint by mixing white and a darker blue to brighten it up and then found some random craft paper to decoupage on it to add some flair…. Easy peasy!!

Just cut out what you want to decorate with and add some of the sealer (in your kit) to the back of the paper to place it. Once you have everything placed and give it some personal touches, just paint a couple of coats over it to seal everything down and give a nice clean finish.

If you are good at lettering or have some stencils laying around, this would be the perfect use for those as well.

If you decide to try this, I would love to see pictures of what you came up with!

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