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Birds of a Feather!

This fun Macaw project was one of the first from my virtual conference. I am not big on painting detail (I am more of a dip and drip kind of glazer myself), but I was looking to learn techniques right?

This one is done with Duncan underglazes with a clear glaze application

This project was pretty simple but I did take away a couple of fun techniques.

The technique was the process of getting the image on the bisque piece (Bisque is once fired pottery, pre-glaze). Transfer paper does exist for this purpose, but it can get a little pricey. This technique uses regular tissue paper to do the trick. You just take the pattern and trace it with pencil on to the tissue paper. Then you place the tissue paper on your piece and trace the pattern with a marker (any marker will do really, but a water based marker is best). The pattern will be covered with paint and burn off in the kiln.

Another fun idea was to use the eraser on a pencil, like a stamp, to get the dots around the outside, and the end of a paint brush to get the dot in eye for eye shine.

One thing that I was aware of but is demonstrated clearly on this piece is the number of coats of underglaze is important to get the proper effect. Three coats for an opaque finish and if you want more movement or variation, you can do one or two layers.

This was a fun project and I am pretty sure this little bird will end up in my guys "Man Porch".

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